A Level Geology Practical Endorsement student tick sheet

Chae Cruickshank
Chae Cr ...

Several teachers have asked us about how learners can record their progress against the skills assessed in the Practical Endorsement. 


This resource provides a method for students to record their developing copetence against the skills assessed in the Practical Endorsement. Students can tick or RAG when they have demonstrated competence in a particular skill, or use of apparatus and techniques, within a given activity. The activities provided by OCR are included in the file, and you can edit the table to include any additional activities that you are using for assessment within your centre.


Please note that it is not compulsory for learners to keep these records, so you don't have to use this or any other method if you don't want to. Hopefully you will find this useful, but if you want to use a different method for learners to record their progress that is also absolutely fine. 


We are always happy to receive feedback about our materials so do let us know if this is helpful. If you have produced your own record sheet for learners and would like to share it, please feel free to upload it to this community.