Geology Teacher Checklist

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This checklist walks you through the stages of planning, teaching, assessing and submitting entries for the new OCR Geology A Level H414. There are hot links to resources and webpages on the OCR website (including Interchange, CPD Hub, Examination Administration pages, online Training Moodle).

Please give us some feedback if you find it usefull, or have any suggestions for improvement.



Chae Cruickshank
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We have updated the Cheklist to include the Maths Skills Handbook and the Practical Skills Handbook.

The Practical Skills Handbook is a key reference document for teachers when assessing individual student's competence against the CPAC (Common Practical Assessment Criteria). You will need to familiarise yourself with Appendices 3 to 8 as these detail what the national standard is, and what you should be looking for before recording a students as having "achieved" and individual skill, technique or ability to use equipment competently.

Appendix 3: Guidance on Practical Skills (1.2.1)

Appendix 4: Measurements

Appendix 5: Units

Appendix 6: Tables and Graphs

Appendix 7: Referencing

Appendix 8: Resources