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Specification queries

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We receive requests for clarification and so on for learning outcomes now and then through the year.

I am in the process of compiling all of these into a single FAQ-style document.

The latest version is available here


It incorporates queries already addressed in the previous summary so you can get everything answered so far from this single document.

It is a work in progress but I thought it would be useful to share it now.


OCR Science Team


Chae Cruickshank
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Hi Alison. The first place is to look is always the latest accredited specification for OCR Biology A as where it has been deemed necessary we may amend the Additional Guidance Learning Outcomes. The next place would be Richard's FAQ-style document. Because we are in the exam season the Science Subject Advisors are very limited in what support we can offer, however if you email in to OCRGCE.Science@ocr.org.uk after the last Biology A Level exam in June 2018 we will be able to respond to your query more fully.

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If I have specification queries about the levels of detail that students need to know for particular topics in Biology A, who should I contact?

Thank you