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CPD courses for 2017/18

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What CPD Courses are we running for A Level Biology A and B (Advancing Biology) in 2017/18? The latest list is available on the OCR CPDHub now:



1. Get Going: OCR GCE Biology A (H020/H420) & Biology B (H022/H422), GCE Chemistry A (H032/H432) & Chemistry B (H033/H433) and GCE Physics A (H156/H556) & Physics B (H157/H557): Managing the Practical Endorsement GFSCAM01 10 30.01.18 London, GFSCAM02 12.10.17 Birmingham, GFSCAM03 20 20.11.17 London, GFSCAM04 21.11.17 Birmingham: 

 Lead Teachers will be required to complete online training which has been available since December 2015. Those who attend this face to face training will cover the content of the online training integrated within the face to face course and will then be registered as having completed the required training. The face to face training will include additional opportunities, activities, support, planning, discussion and feedback from the lead monitors from the first year of monitoring visits which are not part of the online training.

 This course is intended to cover the requirements for the implementation, record keeping and monitoring of the practical endorsement. Whilst it is not subject specific, examples will be provided for each science and subject specific FAQs will be dealt with.


2. Get Going: OCR GCE Biology A (H020/H420) and Biology B (H022/H422): Guidance for first teaching: GFSCAB01 08.11.17 London,  GFSCAB2 29.11.17 Birmingham.

 This course explores how teachers can support their students and is intended for NQTs, New teachers of OCR and Teachers considering OCR.

 Areas covered include:


·          New topics in the A level specification


·          OCR resources to support planning your scheme of work


·          Understanding changes to question types in the assessments


·          The mathematical requirements in the new A level


·          The practical endorsement: planning, resources and evidencing


3. Get Going: Webinar: OCR A Level Biology A (H420) and Biology B (H422): Online Q&A drop-in session: GQSCAD01 03.10.17 16:00-17:00, GQSCAD02 07.12.17 16:00-17:00, GQSCAD03 25.01.18 16:00-17:00.

 This Q&A drop-in session gives you the opportunity to log in and ask questions to our OCR Subject Advisor. Drop in to ask questions and receive guidance on where to access resources and gain support. You can also send questions in advance to cpdhub@ocr.org.uk. This session is conducted via VOIP. It is recommended that centres check with their IT Department that there will be no restrictions in accessing the online training beforehand.


4. Get Going: Webinar: OCR GCE Biology A (H020/H420) and Biology B (H022/H422): Maths for Biologists: GQSCAE01 28.02.18 16:00-17:30.


The new AS and A levels in Biology have a mathematical requirement covering 28 different maths skills. These will be assessed as a minimum of 10% across the examinations. Biology students can be nervous about their mathematical ability and can find it hard to link these maths skills to the biological content. Being an effective modern biologist requires confident and effective use of a range of mathematical tools and techniques. In this course we look at the maths skills required and how these can be taught as a fully-integrated aspect of the new qualifications, with a specific emphasis on statistics in both AS and A Level teaching. A range of real life biological examples will be used to illustrate how maths is an inseparable part of biology.

 This course will:


·          Heighten teacher awareness of the maths skills


·          Provide useful materials to take back to the classroom to improve student confidence


·          Identify opportunities for using maths throughout AS and A Level teaching and learning


·          Highlight real life examples where use of maths is essential to current research and biological applications


·          Give an overview of the expectations of mathematical competence in AS and A Level Biology students.


5. Get Going: Webinar: OCR GCE Biology A (H020/H420) and Biology B (H022/H422): Understanding the new assessment: GQSCAA01 04.12.17 16:00-17:30.

 This online webinar will cover the key aspects of the new A Level biology courses including:


·          New question styles in the A level course

·          Preparing your students for linear exams

·          Maths and practical in the A level course

·          Resources for the A level course

·          Follow up from the live event Q and A sessions.