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Welcome to the OCR Retail community!

The community is a place for you to share questions and resources with each other. We would like this forum to be a place where members can help each other out and share answers and information. Please choose from ‘Retail Skills’ or ‘Retail Knowledge’ to start a discussion or reply to others. If you think a new discussion heading would be helpful, please let us know by posting your suggestion.

I will monitor the forum and if there is a question that cannot be answered by other members then I will post a reply. Please bear in mind that I am not in the office every day, so I would encourage you to support each other where you can!

Do you have resources or links you would like to share with other members? Please post these in the 'Resources' section and link members from the discussion. Please remember not to upload copyrighted items!

Remember to set your alerts so that you receive emails whenever something is posted in a discussion which interests you.