You tube index for A level Ethics and Philosophy of religion

I am posting an index of You tube clips which have been recommended to me by teachers as 5 minute starters or discussion points in a lesson. You will find this on my website in the Teachers' Area from Saturday February 2nd. Also a whole set of revision materials will be going up in about four weeks' time - will post about this nearer the time. if you have any more You tube starter clips please email them to me peter@inducit.comPeter Baron

I have been teaching the OCR

I have been teaching the OCR PoR and Ethics for last two and half years. I saw your web for the first time last week and we are not using your revision guides . Sorry.

But I love you web site; it contains a lot of useful material and links. Thanks!


I'm intrigued, but I'll take a look! Does your school use any of my revision guides, I wondered, as I'm looking for some feedback on them!  Best wishes Peter

thank you

PM Baron,

Thank you for your excellent site,, and teaching ideas. Great work!

 What do you think about the definitions for heteronomy and theonomy in the AS OCR text book page 118?