Hot seating with AS Students: Developments in Christian Theology

I used a resource published by RE Today which was called Similarities and Difference Chart (2006 RE Today Services)

Stage 1  The students were given homework to research Cardinal Ratzinger and his attitude to Liberation Theology. They were also told to research Pope John Paul 2nd and named Libertion Theologians, the Boff brothers. Gueterriez and Sobrino.

Stage 2  Students were sat in a circle for the hot seating exercise and responded in role to questions about their understanding of Marxism, the nature of poverty, the role of Chrisitan ministry, and the responsibility of the Church... As their confidence grew they started to ask each other more probing questions and to respond with deeper answers. This exercise gave both weak and stronger students the opportunity to contribute and learn from each other. It was  fun too and consolidated a lot of learning relating to the syllabus.

Stage 3 The RE Today Similarities and differences chart. This triangular chart requires students to consider: Things Unique to number 1,2 and3. To consider things shared by 1 and2, things shared by 1 and 3 and things shared by 2 and 3. Most helpfully it requires studnets to consider those elemts shared by all.


hot seating exercise

Helpful idea - thanks for sharing

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Having YR 12's this year and want  to set the bar high , yet use interactive /stretching strategies. A zillion thanks for this idea!