New to teaching. . . New to A-Level OCR!


Ive just landed my first job in September teaching A-Level Religious Studies! (Exciting yet nerve wracking)

I will be the only RE teacher, will have a mentor and guide but the only one with specific RE knowledge.

Areas im struggling with. . .

OCR Textbooks - which one?

The last RE teacher chose Buddhism as the religion - my knowledge is slight. Has anyone any tips or recommendations?

My Philosophy knowledge is a little rusty but the curriculum planner on the OCR webpage is incredibly useful - why on earth isnt there one for ethics!?!

I have planned all of my lessons for Philosophy and Buddhism with the help of the curriculum planners but the lack of a plan for ethics has left me flapping a little bit.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!




Curriculum planner: frustrating, of course, but try adding up the number of hours you have in the year, taking off a couple of weeks' worth for lost lessons/assessment/NQT meetings and dividing by 3.  Then you can fit the ethics topics into that number and it kind of forces your hand in terms of how long you spend on things!  Safer to teach the theories first - 6 hours each theory is a good guide if you have the teaching time.


Text books: best to buy both the OUP and Hodder ones for yourself and then to see which you think your students might prefer as you get to know them.  Mine have a specific preference.  Perhaps you've inherited some old philosophy/ethics text books from the old specification?  They'd be a good start for those modules and gives you a run-in time for the Buddhism.


Good luck!


PS - make your school send

PS - make your school send you on a course!

Make good use of Sosie's

Make good use of Sosie's resources for Ethics on TES...she has uploaded Powerpoints and revision booklets for each theory...added bonus, they are all free!