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Planes of movement and axes of rotation

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Does anyone have any difficulty in getting to grips with the planes of movement and axes of rotation and the type of movement these produce. We have the OCR text book and the CGP revision book which includes OCR and they both contradict one another . How do we know which one is correct? It is difficult to teach if you are not sure which one is correct


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the table in the book was wrong in the first edition but it has been corrected in the new version of the book.

I never knew CGP did a revision guide for OCR as the one hodder do by Sarah Powell is correct so thats your answer but in short

sagittal plane - flexion/extension movements, frontal plane - adduction/abduction movements and Transverse plane- rotation movements.

Axes- longitudinal - spins  frontal - cartwheels transverse - somersaults

hope that helps