AFL Checkpoint


This resource is a proof of concept for a series of Checkpoint tasks that we hope to produce to cover the new GCSE spec.

The driving ethos is that these resources help streamline the "dialogue" between student and teacher evidenced in their books.

There are 3 parts to the resource, and each is split into a foundation and higher activity:

1) a 20 minutes set of questions targeted at specific skills required by the specification.

2) a student friendly markscheme that details multiple correct solutions AND the incorrect answers that expose a common misconception.

3) a Rag grid detailing the content areas covered by the activity.

The idea is that students can answer the questions and then use the markscheme to mark their own work.  they can tick corrcet answers and see alternate methods of solution, and identify if their incorrect answers have resulted from a particular misconception and make a note of this in their books.  Where they have an incorrect answer but are unsure what has gone wrong, they can identify these questions clearly so that when reviewing student books, teachers can focus on these questions to provide feedback and comments.

You are welcome to use this in a lesson but be aware that this is an early draft and as a result has not been fully checked for accuracy.

We would appreciate any feedback on how we can improve this resource before we produce more.