13 problems for GCSE maths


13 problems designed as a resource by teachers at our developing resources CPD event held on the 18th June in Newcastle.

If you have suggestions for extra problems of similar level of demand, write them in the comments and we will add them to the resource.

Please ensure any ideas are not copied directly from existing resources and are solveable using only GCSE (9-1) techniques.

For more information on our CPD events, go to www.cpdhub.ocr.org.uk


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Thanks for the feedback, and a good spot! you are correct its should be 30.

The questions were written by teachers as a classroom resource so don't necessarily need to conform to the same stricter conventions as exam questions, theres room for a little humour in classrooms!

The trapezium question focuses on communicating and reasoning, giving the height ensures the students focus on providing a clear method while considering the underlying maths (edging into AO2 territory).

If you have any suggestions for additional questions we can add them into the PowerPoint...


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Should it be 30 rugby and/or football players ? (They all play at least one of the sports)

The shaded area is not hidden - it doesn't need to be found ! Questions are usually phrased nowadays so as to avoid this "funny".

Might I suggest that the height of the trapezium be found, rather than given ? You would have a much clearer view of what students are doing, and it may knock out some student guesswork.