Large Data Set (LDS) project for AS and A level Mathematics

Welcome to the Large Data Set (LDS) project for AS and A level Mathematics.

Over the coming year we are planning to provide a number of resources that can be used to embed the OCR large data set in the teaching and learning of Statistics in the new Maths AS/A level.

These are the first of our draft resources:

LDS – Statistical Calculations

LDS – Repeated Sampling

If you are interested in getting involved in our project we’d like you to review or trial these resources with your students in the classroom.

No formal information gathering process has been set up but we’d be interested to hear your feedback by posting your responses in this discussion thread and, where appropriate, for discussions to be generated with other members.

More resources will be posted in the coming months!


Please note that the Large

Please note that the Large Data Set can be downloaded from the OCR A level Maths qualification page. Scroll down the page to locate it in the section labelled 'Assessment Materials'.

Hello every one, apologies

Hello every one, apologies for not being further along with this; we have been (still are) beavering away at resubmitting to Ofqual.

It is worth highlighting the the new drafts for Mathematics include updated Large Data Set questions. Essentially, Ofqual has asked us to increase the material advantage gained by students who have worked with the LDS, so the revised questions go into slightly more depth and require a bit more meta-knowledge.

You can find them here under H230 (paper 1) and H240 (paper 2). Do let us know what you think.