Entry Level Schools Norfolk

Good afternoon all,


I am looking for information on schools in Norfolk that teach the Entry Level Maths Certificate as we are thinking of teaching it to a group of year 10s and need further information of how it is managed. If anyone knows of any school in the area and would be willing to have a chat about the certificate please let me know.



Hello. Following the draft

Hello. Following the draft documents we emailed to you back in June, the reformed specification for Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics R449 is now online at http://ocr.org.uk/qualifications/entry-level-mathematics-r449-from-2016 and is available for first teaching from this September 2016. The legacy qualification, R448, is still available for assessment this year and we will notify you of any changes. 

We are in the process of organising some regional network events to support the delivery of ELC Maths, introduce the new qualification and allow teachers to share ideas and resources. Please contact Steven for more details at maths@ocr.org.uk (or by replying to the email sent to you back in June), or if you would be interested in hosting an event.