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Unit 8/9

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Hi Mo, 


I am combining Unit 9 and 8 but using the model assignment which is on the OCR website. 


The students will need to create the e-commerce website for unit 9 and I was just wondering if for lower ability students who are stuggling with this course if maybe PowerPoint would be acceptable for them to use in order to create the e-commerce website?




Mo Everett
Mo Everett
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Hi Kaur2692

I do not see how learners are going to be able to create an e-commerce website effectively using PowerPoint.  Unit 9, is about producing the complete product and not just a prototype.

For Unit 9, it is merely the creation of a product, so it does not have to be an e-commerce website (that is only my suggestion for Unit 6).  Therefore, I suggest that you provide them with a different scenario.  If the learners that you have concerns about are of lower ability, then it may be that you need to think about something other than a website.  It is a level 3 qualification, and you would expect them to have the same depth of knowledge and un derstanding across the board.

I hope that helps.

Kindest regards