Unit 5 2016 spec- Creating an AR/VR experience

A student of mine has created an AR app for the 1st design contract (as approved by OCR in the model assignments) with the builder rather than a VR app. Would this be ok even though it says 'What he wants to explore with you is creating virtual reality properties where new buyers could come to his office and, by using virtual reality, walk through the rooms in the house or flat before it is actually built'?

 Im just assessing the work and realised that it says in the marking guidance that students can create either a VR or AR rsource. Would it be ok to make an AR app for either design contracts as tryinng to find a free VR tool has proven difficult?

Does anyone have any resources for this unit that they are willing to share?

I want to ensure my learners are meeting all of the requiremnts in the Design specification in particular the financial, resource and quality plans but I am struggling to understand these in the context of the design contracts from the model assignments.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Would somone be willing to come into my school and review the work learners have done to give me an idea as to if its ok?