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Unit 17 - Be able to repurpose technologies to extend the scope of the IoE - LO2

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Apologies if this question has already been asked but I've been searching through old posts and not found an answer...

I totally understand the tasks, however, can I get clarification on how unique the new purposes of the existing technology have to be?

For example, if a student has been looking at technology used in healthcare to track patients / provide info on their medical condition and treatment etc.  For re-purposing they explain how it could be used in a similar way in a school to track students and have info about their medical / school records.  All this is valid, however, this kind of technology does exist - do they have to think of a totally new use, or does it matter if the extension they are suggestion is already being developed / exists in a very similar form?  Finding it hard to think of totally new concepts!


Thank you in advance for any guidance.


Mo Everett
Mo Everett
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Hi avernon

I can understand what you are saying.  What we will accept is something that is feasible and as original as possible.  To be fair, they may come up with an idea and by the time their work is moderated someone may have released the idea where they have been working on it for months.

Basically, look for something that is feasible and could be classed as a repurpose of something already in place.  Obviously we would not accept something which is "old hat".  Let's say driverless cars which are already moving way forward.

Hope that helps.

Kindest regards