Unit 13 Social Media Marketing and Employer Engagement

We have wrriten an assignment for this unit based on our own school's sixth form centre.  Essentially, the scenareo is that the head of 6th form wants to use social media marketing to improve recruitment.

Out intention is that the kids will create and present campaigns to the head of 6th form and other senoir staff.

Does this count as employer engagement?


Hi Kevin Meaningful Employer

Hi Kevin

Meaningful Employer Involvement is where you get an IT expert or IT company to get involved in some way.  This can be through them co-teaching one session, helping you to write and assignment, help you to assess the work or act as the client.  So, no, it could not be classed as MEI.  However, it is still a great concept for an assignment and their involvement will make it more real.

Kindest regards