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OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3: Unit 16 Developing a Smarter Planet

Jonatha ...
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Please could you help me clarify the P5 for Unit 16 Developing a Smarter Planet.  Is a witness statemented presentation acceptable for this criteria? or should they also include questionniares, interviews and focus groups as stated in the teaching content.

I understand that this is needed to acheive M3 (Refining the concept based on feedback). But is it necessary if students are not going to achieve the Merit criteria for this unit?

The assessment guidance for P5  doesn't mention questionniares, interviews and focus groups.

Thanks in advance.

Jon Power



Mo Everett
Mo Everett
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Hi Jon

A witness testimony on its own is not acceptable.  You would need to get the learners to include their presentation evidence as well e.g. PowerPoint presentations with detailed speaker notes.  The accompanying witness testimony would need to be individual for each learner and explain in detail how they presented it etc etc.

Alternatively, the learners could put together a presentation document which is in the written format similar to a proposal and use this as the evidence.

Hope thart helps

Kindest regards