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Cambridge Technicals 2016 Unit 13

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We're currently doing unit 13 - social media and digital marketing. The students are doing the assignment, but they're struggling keeping M2 (Plan the social media content of the digital marketing campaign to meet identified business objectives) and P7 (Propose a digital marketing campaign across different social media channels to meet identified business objectives) separate as there seems to be a lot of overlap and I'm struggling to differentiate them as well.

I understand that M2 is the planning - giving examples of posts, etc., along with a justification of the plan based on the target audience. P7 is a proposal with details such as staffing mix, core message, USP, etc., but how should this differ from M2?

As an example, how can a proposal contain the element 'core message' - in what way should this be tackled - e.g. from the point of view of "your core message is... so therefore I propose that you should do...", or something else?

The students know about all the elements, it's just that they're finding it difficult to translate them into a proposal.



Mo Everett
Mo Everett
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Hi aga

P7 is about the actual maketing campaign, M2 is the content.  So, let's put it another way:

M2 belongs to LO 3 Be able to plan content and propose appropriate social media channels for digital marketing campaigns.

P5 they will outline the different channels that will be used

P6 they will talk about the target audience

M2 they will plan what the content of the actual social media will be (the information, images, videos etc)

D2 they justify why the have selected the different channels they did for P5

LO4 is Be able to develop social media digital marketing campaigns

So P7 will come from 4.1 and 4.2 of the teaching content.

M3 will come from 4.3 of the teaching content

Hope that helps.

Kindest regards