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Coursework Questions

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Does anyone else get frustrated by the requirements for coursework questions? I find that it's particularly difficult to come up with good questions on individuals, when you can't always look at their significance over a longer period of time. The only way seems to be if they are a cuase in someway. Having done OCR History B at A-level, which focused on significance, found it difficult that you can't really seem look at this. Although I am please that the causes of events is something that can be looked at.


Asher Goodenough
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Dear Swerupa,


Many thanks for your comments. We do allow significance questions for Y100 on individuals.

The approvers do use their experience of the unit to assess whether questions are likely to work well or not, and this is why they think that assessing the significance of an individual on something – a country, time period, concept etc. is likely to work better for students, for instance:

Assess the significance of Al Capone to 1920's America has been approved

And for Assess the impact of Catherine de Medici in the period 1560 to 1574? Adding in on what – France for instance – gives the students a clear focus for their answer

They also want to check that there is enough material for the student to access to meet the requirement of AO2 and AO3, so sometimes they say ‘yes, provided there is enough material for AO2/3’ which is always worth checking. I think for long-term significance we would look at each question on a case-by-case basis.

Some more significance titles we have approved below:


Assess the significance of Aztec weaknesses to the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Assess the significance of Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency on the development of civil rights for African-Americans.

Assess the significance of the Cultural Revolution for the working class people of China.

Assess the significance of James I in bringing about the witchcraft craze in Scotland and England

How significant was the role of William Wallace within Anglo-Scottish relations during the late 13 and early 14th Centuries

How significant was the role of Richard, Duke of York in the outbreak of the War of the Roses?

How significant were the actions of Mao Zedong to the success of the Communist Party in the Chinese Civil War?

How significant were women's contributions to public health and fighting disease in the nineteenth century?

The most significant consequence of Constantine's conversion to Christianity was the Edict of Milan. Assess this view.


I hope this helps. Regards, Asher, OCR