Welcome to the new eCommunity for GCE Government and Politics. This new community is replacing the old site, and we hope you will find it it more user-friendly and efficient. It is hoped that it will become a place to ask questions related to the course, have relevant discussions, as well as somewhere that resources can be shared between members.


Mark Smith, Qualification Leader

Hello Mark, Please can a

Hello Mark,

Please can a letter or email be sent out to all OCR teachers to introduce the E Community and encourage us to sign up. Ideally if we can get 20-30 teachers on the fourm it will be really benefical to share ideas, especially as the OCR examiners feedback conferences don't seem to be able to run anymore.



Head of Politics,

Blenheim High School, Epsom

Hi Richard Thank you for your

Hi Richard

Thank you for your comment, there was an email sent to all of those who were part of the 'old' e community but I will see if we can send something to all of those who teach OCR Government and Politics to raise awareness of the community.

Hopefully we will see an increase then of those joining, thank for the suggestion.