Could you please direct me to some guidance on the NEA right of students to apeeal? 

Having just marked the NEA component of our A Level, I’m just wondering what the protocol is for this process? I have a number of questions myself about the process:

I’m thinking of timings – in my head I have that they have 24 hours to appeal? Please could you clarify this - I could wel be wrong.

If the marks have to be at the board by 15th May (?), is there a specific time we tell students of their mark?

Also, do we have to let students see the comments we wrote on the marking proforma?

Do we give them the overall mark, or do we have to give them the breakdown?

 From what I understand, if they wish their work to be remarked, it has to be done by a teacher that has not already seen their work. (I discovered this on the OCR Geog A Level Teachers group on Facebook.) Is this correct.





Guidance on this can be found

Guidance on this can be found on teh JCQ website and also a pro forma which can be used for informing students - it should answer all your questions.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The JCQ notice "Reviews of

The JCQ notice "Reviews of marking – centre assessed marks" allows students to challenge their coursework mark in the period between your internal moderation and 15 May when the centre will have submitted their internally moderated coursework marks. The student is making a challenge on the basis that there was bias in the internal moderation process and that the school applied different standard to their work.

So it is a review of the application of the moderation process to their NEA not an item by item review of the original mark the teacher gave. Your internal reviewer would therefore be reviewing paperwork to ensure that you applied you internal moderation standard consistently.