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F662 text comparison coursework

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Are the texts limited to plays and novels?  Can short stories be used as comparisons?  One of my colleagues has chosen "My Boy Jack" as one text - can students use Morpurgo's Private Peaceful or War Horse as comparison texts?  What are the guidelines on the choice coursework texts - apart from being post 1900 and one being post 1990?  Also, has anyone chosen a non-fiction or media text as a comparison text?




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Definitely short stories can be used as comparisons. You will find a bunch of guidlines for text comparison on internet.

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Short stories can be used - but make sure that you cover a sufficient number of them to make sure they are comparable to a collection of poetry, a novel or a play in length, and that your candidate refers to more than one short story.

There are guidelines on the specification webpage here: http://www.ocr.org.uk/download/sm/ocr_13291_sm_gce_unit_f662_cg.pdf

These have some suggestions for text groupings and choices.  Our INSET training also covers text choices and groups.

I would advise you to use the coursework consultancy (http://www.ocr.org.uk/teachers/consultancy/) to ask a Moderator about the suitability of using two Morpurgo texts.  There is the question as to how appropriate for A Level study popular KS3 texts are, and whether it will allow candidates to access the highest mark bands if they study two works by the same author.

Non fiction and media texts can be used as comparison texts - again, I advise you to contact the coursework consultancy.

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