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CNC equipment requirements suggestions.

philipv ...
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Hello all,

We are keen to move away from EDEXCEL Engineering and are considering OCR Nationals.  It appears that students have to set up and use cnc engineering equipment such as mills and lathes.  My question to the community is what type of machine will be most appropriate bearing in mind the budget is very small and the group is large.  Should I buy one larger more capable cnc mill or a pair of smaller machines?  Has anyone got experience of getting 20 students to design, set up and machine multiple work pieces?

We currently have a 3d printer, laser cutter and old boxford router.


Phil V


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Hi Phil, what type of boxford router do you have? We have a Boxford 190VMCxi 3D Vertical Machining Centre and Two Boxford 160 CNC Lathes.