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One person department needs help

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From next year my department is going down to one person, just me. I am starting the new OCR drama GCSE (1-9) from september and was wondering if anyone could help moderate my pupils work as and when they complete it next year 9i of course will do they same for them, if local cake will be included!!). My school is in oxfordshire based but I lam based in warwickshire. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Jules freeman
Jules f ...
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Would also love to do this within my area
Worthing based West Sussex looking for teachers also teaching same spec.

Karen Latto
Karen Latto
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Hi Abi,

Sorry that no one has got back to you on this one yet. I'm currently working on mapping where centres are that are teaching the new spec so we can set up some networks with local teachers. If you can complete this form for me that would be great.