Lower School teaching of Critical Thinking


I am in search of others who are teaching Critical Thinking in their Lower Schools. 

As Critical Thinking is not in the National Curriculum, I have been asked to set assessment targets/levels for our students and have put together a set of targets for Years 7-9 in Argument Writing, which I am happy to share with anyone who might be in the same position as I am.  If anyone has already trodden this path and can share assessment targets for Credibility I would happily share/trade ideas.

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Hazel Greenland

Head of Creative and Critical Thinking

Colchester County High School for Girls

Hi Hazel   We are looking at

Hi Hazel


We are looking at introducing Critical Thinking to a group of Able Pupils in year 9 as an after school enrichment group.  At the moment I haven't even looked properly at the specs as we're also in the process of introducing GCSE Computing, which is currently occupying my time.


Once I have a good look at it all I can send you my thoughts and any resources/targets we come up with.  Looks like something that will really engage our learners and hopefully increase their confidence as well.


Louise Adam

All Saints Catholic High School, Kirkby, Liverpool