Examiner Reports - R2 & P2 June 2017

DavidSu ...

Hello all,

I know these reports still aren't on our website due to a technical hitch, so I am putting them onto the CPC Community as an interim measure.

I am currently investigating the problem that has stopped them going onto the OCR website.

Please accept my apologies as I have been working hard to try and get better sight of all documents for centres for CPC generally.





Mike Grant
Mike Grant
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I'm sorry to hear of OCR's computer problem - I'm sure we all know how frustrating these things can be.

What I don't understand is why the reports are not published when the results are released.  I've made this point numerous times before.

Interchange indicates that the results were finalised on 25th July.  They were accessible to centres by the 27th and on Friday 28th I began my regular checking of the website to locate the CER's.  On Monday 31st I raised the issue with Vocational Enquiries and they, very helpfully, were able to supply draft copies.

As soon as people have results they want to assess their performance and know what pass marks and rates applied.  I fail to see why, in the normal course of things, you do not plan to publish this as soon as the results have been confirmed.  It would avoid people a lot of wasted effort checking to see if your website had been updated.

Mike Grant