R2 June 2017

I'll be interested to see the examiner's report for the June R2 paper when it comes out.  I've got some scripts back and on Q1 which is a straight yes/no answer I've had people marked wrong for both answers!  Peter.


Peter, I was able to get a


I was able to get a copy of the report on Monday.  For Q1 it reads:

Question 1
Most candidates appeared to cope well with the amount of information provided on pages 6 and 7 of the case study, to be read in conjunction with the details of the proposed day’s work on page 4.
In part a) answers that clearly indicated whether each driver could or could not drive on the journey were accepted. For example, “can” or “yes” and their opposites earned marks for drivers 2 and 4.
Driver 1 cannot drive on the journey because “he has already driven over 9 hours twice in this fixed week”. Answers that stated that the job would mean that the driver would exceed 9 hours driving 3 times or that the run involves more than 9 hours of driving were accepted.
Driver 3 cannot drive on the journey “because he needs to start a Regular weekly rest by 05.00 today”. Candidates who stated that the driver needs to take a weekly rest also earned a mark, but it was incorrect to state that the driver would work on six consecutive days.
Driver 5 cannot drive on the journey “because he would exceed 60 hours of work”. Answers that stated that this driver has already worked for 50 hours also earned a mark.


I was told the reports had not been published as the cover sheets still had to be worked on.  The HGV report is dated 17th July and it seems ridiculous to me that it has been held up so long.

We now see the papers in a timely way but OCR really must organise themslves so that the CER's are released simultaneously with the results.

Mike Grant


Thanks for that Mike.  I

Thanks for that Mike.  I disagree with the answer given in respect of Driver 3 however.  If Driver 3 takes a reduced rest of at least 24 hrs he can then recommence work on Saturday at 7 and provided he starts a full weekly rest before midnight on Sunday he will be legal, as that rest could be attached to this week.  

In respect of Driver 1 I have had a candidate marked wrong for saying cannot and another marked wrong for saying can!

I agree that CER's could do with being a bit more prompt.


Hi Gents  Just looked at

Hi Gents 

Just looked at paper and questions quickly but in regard to driver 4 he has comleted 50.45 hours of work during that week and the job on Saturday is 11.5 hours of working time. Should this not allso exclude him from working Saturday or am I missing something realy obviouse ?


Hi Richard The Working Time

Hi Richard

The Working Time "week" runs Monday to Sunday, so disregard Driver 4's work on the previous Friday. His driving and other work so far is 39 hours, so he would work a total of 50 hours 30 minutes and can do the Saturday delivery

Thanks Tony knew i was having

Thanks Tony knew i was having a senior moment somewhere

Hello all, Sorry for the

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in Examiner Reports (R2 & P2) going onto the website. A technical problem within the OCR website function has delayed them going on. I can see discussions have been happening, so I am posting them on the Community in the interim. Please see link below:




In view of the correction

In view of the correction which has been needed to some R2 results can an amended CER be posted, please?

Future candidates rely on this published information when working through past papers and it is important that they are not mislead.