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I have committed to try and get the case study question papers released earlier than the release of results and the Mark Scheme. I know this has been requested before and I understand the value for many of you in having the question papers as early as possible and before results. I have put the December 2015 papers in the Resources section of this group. I will endeavour to continue with this (and try and be even earlier for the March 2016 papers). Please note however that even though we are sharing this now, we will not be able to answer any questions from Centres until the exam marking process has been completed.




March 2016 Case Study papers

March 2016 Case Study papers are now available here

I have been assured that

I have been assured that efforts will be made to publish the June papers on the Tuesday following the next exam.  This is a welcome step forward in removing some of the mystery which surrounds the CPC qualification.

I also found it helpful to see the release of the CER's a couple of days ahead of the results this time.  Maintaining these arrangements must help centres when dealing with the inevitable queries from students when results are notified.

June 2016 Case Study papers

September 2016 Case Study

December 2016 Case Study

March 2017 Case Study paers

June 2017 Case Study papers

September 2017 Case

December 2017 Case Studies

December 2017 Case Studies and Question Papers are now available here:


As you know, OCR started

As you know, OCR started making the CPC Case Studies and Question Papers available on this CPC Community site shortly after the examination, at the request of a few centres who wanted to give early feedback to candidates on the examination. These Case Studies and Question Papers were only on this Community site and could only be accessed by Community members, although all OCR CPC centres are able to join the Community.


Following some concerns about the wider re-distribution of this material, OCR has reviewed this practice and decided these should no longer be made available on the Community site.  The reason for this is that the CPC session is still considered to be “live” until results are released. This means that the CPC Case Studies and Question Papers will now only appear on the OCR main website (on the CPC page) after the release of results.

I'm amazed at this retrograde

I'm amazed at this retrograde step.

I think you need to explain what actual harm is done should a paper get in the public domain in the period between exam and results.  I can't see any justification for ever suppressing detail which appears on a paper once the exam is over.