A set of tutorials for Scratch 2

djphill ...

I have created a bundle of around 100 screencasts to show kids how to build 3 typical games in scratch 2. The games include breakout, frogger and a top down racer. Normally most screencasts are "watch and repeat" type exercises, but this one is a little different in that the game builds are broken down into many short videos. In these videos a task is set for students to do and if they find the going a bit tough then they can work through the solution video that accompanies the task.

The app is designed for iPad and frankly running it on anything smaller than iPad mini is naive. It's a big app of nearly 300Mb which means you will need to be on your WiFi to donwload. There is a lot of content in there that woudl keep most kids busy for several lessons.

Educational discounts have been applied for this app on Apple platform, so if you downlaod them using your school account it's only 34p per app.

scratch 2 games - apple

scratch 2 games - android