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We finally made it! - craigndave

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After 2 years Dave and myself have finally made it!  The entire OCR A‚ÄôLevel specification has been mapped and videos made for every matching spec point.  160 in total, sorted into 26 play lists by topic. But we have not stopped, we are still making the GCSE videos, and have 40 of those up already.  


You can check out our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/craigndave


All this is a free resource of course, but we have over 1,100 additional, activities, workshops, exams, answers and more over at our website: http://craigndave.org


It has been a tough journey developing this lot as two full time teachers so please go easy on us :)  We have lots more exciting stuff coming up to and as always we welcome feedback.  If you spot any mistakes we are always keen to hear and correct them right away.


Mr C Sargent,  CAS Master Teacher (DfE),  Head of Computing Archway School - Stroud