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NEA tasks leaked online!

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Thought I'd start this one off. Nea tasks leaked online, that we are about to start in next week or two. Where is this going to go do we think?


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We encourage teachers to take part in Ofqual’s consultation on GCSE Computer Science assessment so your expertise and experience can help shape the outcome. Whatever the outcome of the consultation, we will support teachers to complete the first new (9-1) Computer Science GCSE successfully. Here’s some guidance on what the changes proposed in the consultation might mean for you and a link to the consultation http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/425876-gcse-computer-science-consultation.pdf


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Sadly, frustratingly, I suspect it'll follow the Ofqual recommendation and we'll be jumping through the NEA hoops for no credit for this year. But maybe next year there'll be a different approach (one that doesn't have us running around in circles).