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amcquad ...
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I would like to share and discuss with you about the Programming coursework for the new H446 qualification.

In looking at the spec for the coursework at the start of the course, the requirements seemed reasonable but when I was assessing students coursework it was clear to me that the step up to the project has been beyond a lot of students. I have a long track record in IT business so I recognised good features in the spec but the poor results from the students has made me reflect on this. 

I now feel that the coursework specification is at a very professional level and has requirements for knowledge and experience that I would only expect from a professional IT worker of a couple of years experience. Also, this years chohorts have little prior experience in Computing/Computer Science as the courses were not available to them in lower years. None of my cohort have even KS4 Computer Science.

Will these points be considered by OCR when looking at the coursework outcomes?



willcom ...
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How has the marking been for your students coursework because in our department its been a bit iffy.