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9-1 Module test grade boundaries

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We are taking topics for our students & testing them at the end of a section.

What we need support with is grade boundaries. How would you give grades to students? For example, what percentage would you require for a grade 9?



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We are using the 9-1 maths boundaries from last summer's series. About the best fit we could find really. Perhaps mix them with legacy CS boundaries and see how they fit together.

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As an awarding organisation, we cannot give you any indication on the grade boundaries for the reformed GCSE (9-1) Computer Science qualification. Grade boundaries are decided during awarding of the qualification and the first awarding for this qualification will take place in June 2018.

We fully understand the issues you have as a teacher in setting target grades for your students and with no indication from your awarding body can be frustrating fact. All we can suggest that you use the grade boundaries from the legacy GCSE qualification and estimate grades for your students.


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This is such a frustrating situation and I'm afraid no one has a clue. My Year 10s have just done their end of Year 10 exams - mocks for the 2 examined units. It's now my job to give them a grade for their performance and to report back to senior leadership their current and predicted grades, and I'm scratching around in the dark trying to come up with the best fit.


The old A451 cannot be relied upon I think as a baseline as the minimium needed in 2014 was 76% for an A*. By 2016 this had come down to 66%. Some forums are predicting 67% as the minimun needed for a grade 5 in the new course. I'm trying not to be too harsh in my 'pretend' boundaries so as not to destroy my students already fragile confidence of how good they are at the subject, yet I'm trying not to be too soft either so that I'm not completely wide of the mark when the results come through next year.

When you think that teachers' performance management is now largely based on performance of students, this is an impossible situation. When I worked in industry, I would never have been told where the goalposts were when it was too late!