New GCSE 2016

Most of the discussion on here is very old.  Which is a great shame particularly with the new GCSE - there must be others with lots of queries or who would like to discuss every day issues.  There doesn't seem to be an active forum for OCR Citizesnhip anywhere else


My current thorn is applying % to 1 - 9 for the new GCSE.  There is a lot less controlled assessment so does this mean that the % will drop.  If 4 is a low C surely it still can't be 60%??  We have to put a predicted grade on reports at the end of the winter term but at the moment I don't know where to pitch. 1 - 9.



You raise some good points -

You raise some good points - I'd also welcome any ideas and thoughts.  This week my Citi class took a test put together from the new spec practice papers.  Applying the old approx grade boundaries ie 20 out of 40 equates to a D and then every 4 marks goes up a grade, my class averaged 3 (around 16 out of 40 - an old E?) previously they were averaging a B.

However would 16 out of 40 now be a higher level than 3?

Apologies for the delay in

Apologies for the delay in relying this got left in the end of term rush.

I don't think you can apply the old % grades to the new practice papers in that way.  Not least as the papers aren't equally weighted towards the final grade.  Paper 1 and 2 are 30% each of the final grade but paper 3 is 40%.

This is then further complicated by the fact that Paper 1 is out of 50 and you get 50 mins to do the paper (i.e. 1 min a mark) Paper 2 is out of 100 and you get 105 mins to do the paper so a smidgen over 1 min a mark and Paper 3 is out of 50 but you get 60 mins to do it so 1.5 mins a mark ergo scoring a mark on Paper 3 has to be worth more than scoring a mark on paper 1 in the final grade assessment especially if you didn't make a time adjustment.


If your practice paper was put together with questions from several of the practice papers then there isn't an easy comparison/calculation to do but anything of Paper 3 has to be more generously rewarded than off papers 1 and 2.  However the extended writing is on paper 2 (12 marker)!

I will have to save the practice papers for the mock exam in Jan 2018 so I am putting off these decisions and adapting questions from other papers - both old OCR but Edecel and AQA too just to get the written style going. I am quite happy applying quite stiff grades to factual knowledge questions and then soften off for Paper 3 style questions.  Its much more important that they recgonise what is needed for 1 mark, 4 mark and 8 marks questions etc than worrying about final grades at this stage.