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OCR Nationals - Unit 1 New Spec, Spreadsheet AO5

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I have followed the OCR  “Unit one” guidance for developing a Spreadsheet for A05,

However, the visiting moderator stated that the Spreadsheet was not “a suitable business Spreadsheet” because the student had used an average function to calculate the average cost of the trip and the MAX and MIN function to show the cheapest and most expensive costs of the trip, this was viewed as “unsuitable as it was not a 15 page Spreadsheet that needed a summary on the first sheet and the student was just showing off their knowledge of functions”. 

Therefore the moderator felt that the business Spreadsheet was not appropriate and award the “students produces an appropriate business Spreadsheet” at a Pass.  However, all the other criteria for P, M, and D were met and agreed.  So the overall grading for AO5 was P, M, D, D, D, D and I awarded this as a Distinction. 

I was told this was not correct and the whole AO5 was barley a pass because the Spreadsheet was “not appropriate”. 

I am now confused as to how the marking criteria is applied, are some elements weighted more than others?


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I would simply do a single sheet cash flow forcast using the SUM function to ass up incomes and costs and then use the AVERAGE function to work out the average income and outgoings each month, the reason for this would allow the business to work out targets to set to improve sales (or reduce costs). I think your moderator is being picky.  It does not say in the mark scheme that the candidate must justify their choice of formulas and functions.

Maybe in your case you could use the =NOW() function to show the date that the calculations where carried out on the spreadsheet,  or use an IF statement to indicate if the income of the trip covers the costs.  Another way would be to to include a table of functions and formulas used along with the business reason for using each.

I have been told that not all AOs have equal weighting, for instance AO4 requires a lot more work than AO3, I would play it safe and say that 4 Distinctions and 2 Merits will always give a Distintion whereas 3D,s and 3Ms might not always give a Distinction.

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My pupils have done... min, max, sum, if

Can we have some advice please from the Regional Chief Coordinators?